Sunday, 10 April 2016

The History Behind The Name Luwingu

By Paul Shalala in Luwingu

Whether you are entering Luwingu District through the Mansa-Luwingu road or through the Luwingu-Kasama road, you are greeted by a sign post which says Luwingu 10.

The district was named Luwingu by the colonial masters but the locals maintain it is Ulibingu Lwansase, uwatumpa lwamocha.
This name is so common that almost every Luwingu resident knows what it means.

Historians say Ulubingu Lwansase comes from the old days when the area was full of wild animals.

"This area was a path for Lions. Those lions used to roar a lot and residents used to stay indoors at night. Because of the terror the lions brought to this area, people started saying Ulubingu Lwansanse uwatumpa lwamocha meaning this area is dangerous and whoever misbehaves will be burnt or eaten by lions," said Pastor Joseph Mulenga, a local historian.

Lions area said to have been plentiful  especially in this area where the central business district is currently located.

Even those in government agree that the name Ulubingu Lwansase has been passed on  through the generations.

"A long time ago, colonial masters used to see flames on the hills surrounding Luwingu. They later learnt that those flames came from minerals. Thats how this town came to be known as Luwingu, the place of fire," said Luwingu District Commissioner Patrick Chanda.

To preserve the name Ulubingu Lwansase, the community in Luwingu has put its resources together to construct a community radio station.
The radio station is set to open next month.

Undoubtedly, this first ever radio station will be called Radio Lwansase.
For residents, this station will its benefits besides preserve the name Ulubingu Lwansase.
"I have a distinction in Bemba and i would love to get a job in the Bemba section so that i can inspire others," said Bibian Kabinda, a local resident.

"I come from Senior Chief Shimumbi's area and i was happy to hear that Radio Lwansase is opening soon. We used to listen to news from radio stations in Kasama and other places but now that Radio Lwansase is opening here in Luwingu, we are very happy," said another resident Justin Bwalya

Lufubu Falls
South of Luwingu town is a water falls also named after an animal.
Lufubu falls is named after a hippo as residents in this area also say the water makes a funny sound like the groan of a hippo.

The caretaker here knows the history behind the name.
"This falls makes a funny sounds which people says is that of a hippo. Thats how it has come to be known as Lufubu falls from the Bemba word Ulubufu meaning a hippo," said Boyd Mpamba, the caretaker at Lufubu Falls.

Even the fast flowing stream where the falls is located is also named after a hippo.

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