Monday, 10 November 2014

President Michael Sata Praised For His Social Protection Reforms

Mutale Wakunuma

By Paul Shalala

The Platform for Social Protection Zambia (PSPZ) has praised the late President Michael Sata for having reformed the social protection sector in the three years he has led Zambia.

PSPZ Country Coordinator Mutale Wakunuma says President Sata delivered the National Social Protection Policy and scaled up the social cash transfer scheme from 19 to 50 districts during his tenure.

Below is a press statement Ms Wakunuma has issued:

7th November, 2014

The News Editor’s

All Media Institutions

Immediate Press Release

Re: Remembering the H.E President Micheal Chilufya Sata in the Social Protection Reforms in Zambia

The PSP Zambia Board of Directors, Country Coordinator and Staff join the People of Zambia in mourning the loss of our beloved President Excellence Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata.

We wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the first family, extended family, his friends, party colleagues and indeed the whole nation. PSP Zambia will remember H.E. Michael Chilufya for the bold transformations he brought to the Social Protection sector as a true reflection of his heart for the poorest and most socially and economically excluded groups of our society. In the three (3) years in office, the late president Michael Chilufya Sata delivered The National Social Protection Policy, Disability Policy, Social Welfare Policy and Aging Policy with their implementation plans complete and approved by Cabinet; the 700% dramatic increase of Government Support towards the SCT funding going far and beyond the funding agreement signed with cooperating partners; and the up-scaling of the Social Cash Transfer scheme from 19 districts to 50 districts ensuring that more poor Zambians benefit from the Social Cash Transfer program and lastly the anticipated Sovereign Wealth Fund which will allow Zambia to save and invest for future generations. The foregoing reflects the aspirations of a leader and a party which meant to improve the general wellbeing of their people.

His passing has robbed Zambia of a bold and ambitious leader whose shoes will be difficult to fill. May His Soul Rest In Peace

Issued By:
On Behalf of the Platform for Social Protection (PSP) Zambia

Mutale Wakunuma (Ms)
Country Coordinator
Platform for Social Protection (PSP) Zambia


  1. I was in Lusaka three weeks ago and I can say that the development is amazing , considering the last time I was there was 2001. So many things have changed although , those in the poor areas could still do with alot more help , but the Country as a whole has moved to another dimension.

  2. Oh thanks for the comment Charity