Saturday, 8 November 2014

Kangombe Proposes Creation Of Michael Sata Academy For Politics

Christopher Kangombe
By Paul Shalala

Patriotic Front Riverside Ward Councillor Christopher Kangombe has proposed the creation of the Michael Sata Academy for Political Leadership and Governance that will train young people in the ideals the former Zambian president stood for.

Mr Kangombe, who is a councillor in Kitwe's Kwacha Constituency, says President Sata dedicated his public life to providing political leadership from being a ward councillor up the ladder until becoming Republican President and the only way Zambia can honour him is by setting up an academy named after him.

"This should be done with the intention of honouring the man we are mourning today. Many have said nice and positive things about the late president and the only way we can honour him is by establishing an academy that will provide leadership training courses in the field of politics and governance," stated Kangombe, a second term Councillor.

He adds that President Sata represents what most of people want to achieve in the quest to provide political leadership in Zambia

Mr Kangombe says the people of Zambia deserve good leaders for the years to come and he believes that Zambia as a country needs to start preparing young leaders through effective leadership training.

The book Kangombe wrote
"I will soon be writing to the Secretary of the Patriotic Front, Hon. Edgar Lungu and the Acting Republican President Dr. Guy Scott on the need for both government and the ruling party to buy into this idea and see to it that it is implemented."

"We cannot preserve history without preserving the legacies of the men and women who made that same history. Michael Sata has secured his place in history and we have to honour the role he has played by establishing an academy that will train many more young Zambians into leaders of tomorrow.," he added.              

In 2011, Kangombe wrote a book on the role of students in society and President Sata wrote its foreword. 

President Sata died on 28th October, 2014 in London and he will be buried at Embassy Park in Lusaka on 11th November, 2014.                 

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