Thursday, 19 June 2014

Speaker Clears Vice President Over Police 'Invasion' Of Parliament

By Paul Shalala

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini has cleared Vice President Dr. Guy Scott of any wrong doing following the entry of his security detail in parliament earlier this year when opposition lawmakers protested over the constitution.

Passing ruling yesterday on a point of order raised by Mwandi member of parliament Dr. Michael Kaingu on why Dr Scott's security detail entered the chamber on 28th February, Dr Matibini said the circumstances in which they entered where justified.
Dr Matibini added that the house was at the time in a state of gross disorderliness and Dr Scott deserved to be protected at all cost as he holds the second highest office in the land.

He further ruled that Dr Scott did not breach any rule of the house and he was in order to have his security in the house under the circumstances.

And the Speaker has also cleared Mwandi member of parliament Dr Michael Kaingu for allegedly uttering words insinuating that he had removed his respect for the speaker because he did not understand English.

Passing a ruling on a point of order raised by Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili,, Dr Matibini said he read the transcript of Dr. Kaingu's debate and he did not find such words being uttered.

He said as far as the verbatim from that day's proceedings are concerned, Mr Kambwili's point of order did not stand as he never uttered such words.

Meanwhile, Dr Matibini has reprimanded Chipangali member of parliament Vincent Mwale for filming the constitution protests in parliament using an ipad.

Dr Matibini said by using an Ipad, Mr Mwale breached parliamentary rules and deserved to be punished.

However, the speaker only gave a verbal warning to the Chipangali lawmaker because he was a first offender.

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