Monday, 2 June 2014

President Sata Says He Has Not Been Evacuated

By Paul Shalala

President Michael Sata this morning chaired a Cabinet meeting which was attended by several Cabinet ministers and other high ranking government officials.

As is the case for every Monday morning, Cabinet met at State House in Lusaka to deliberate on various issues of national importance.

The opening session was open to the media for about 10 minutes before the meeting went behind cameras.

President Sata, who was in his usual jovial mood, spoke on several issues before the closed door meeting started.

The head of state first started by rubbishing rumours that he had been evacuated outside the country for medical attention.

"I have not been evacuated outside the country, not even to Mpika. Even the Minister of Health who is supposed to arrange for that has not done so," said Sata as Health Minister Dr Joseph Kasonde noded his head in agreement.

Rumours about President Sata's alleged ill health have made rounds mostly in the online media in the past few weeks but State House has consistently said the head of state is enjoying good health.

Later, Mr SATA repeated his directive for ministers to go back to their constituencies and explain government programs and policies.

He said the opposition was spreading lies across the country and there was need for ministers to move around the country and explain government policies.

"You have government resources, you have government vehicles. Go to your constituencies and talk to our people," he added.

In Cabinet meetings, Ministers and some high ranking government officials discuss the state of the nation and review government perfomance.

The meeting also looks at bills and proposed policies before they are implemented or enacted.

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