Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Mbwambwambwa Gang Hacks Two Kalulushi Youths

Mwenya Chishimba who lost two teeth
By Paul Shalala

Suspected members of the Mbwambwambwa Gang have hacked two youths, one of whom is battling for his life in the Kalulushi General Hospital.

The second victim has been discharged from hospital after being treated for head wounds.

The victims are from Kalulushi’s Mine Township.

22 year old Mwenya Chishimba who was badly beaten, has lost two teeth in an attack which happened on Valentine’s Day and is still admitted to the hospital.

Mwenya's mother Barbara Chishimba says her son almost died due to the beatings.

Mrs Chishimba says around midnight on Valentine’s Day she was awakened by a group of youths who were shouting slogans saying they were members of the Mbwambwambwa Gang and they had come to dump her son.

"When I came out of the house, I found my son was unconscious. He wasn't responding. He had many cuts and two of his teeth were removed," she said amid sobs.

She complained that her son's attack is the second in the family.

"I think our family is under attack. We are leaving in fear now," she added.

In November last year, her 16 year old nephew Blessings Busaka was hacked by suspected 70 Niggas gang members who broke his jaw.

The boy even missed his Grade 11 examinations while he was still nursing his wounds.

Since then, he cant eat through his mouth, he is fed through a tube.

But Kalulushi District Commissioner Kenny Siachisumo has downplayed the issue of gangs in Kalulushi.

Mr Siachisumo has told this blogger that Mwenya was beaten during a fight between two groups of youths.

"When youths are beaten these days, they are lying that it is 70 Niggas or Mbwambwambwa. These are just teenagers who were fighting at a bar," said Mr Siachisumo.

The District Commissioner says Police have arrested one suspect who took part in the beating and he is helping them with investigations. 

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