Sunday, 7 February 2016

Two Luanshya Families Left Homeless As Sewer Floods Their Houses

By Paul Shalala in Luanshya
Overflowing sewer in Mpatamatu

Two families of Section 27 in Luanshya’s Mpatamatu area are spending nights in the cold and living in fear of diseases following the flooding of their houses by sewer.

On Thursday, sewer from toilets flooded house numbers 275 and 235and destroyed several household goods such as carpets, clothes, mealie meal and food stuffs.

The residents feel they are not safe from waterborne diseases.

The overflowing sewer spread across the whole house destroying everything that was on the floor.

The residents are now worried that their houses are no longer safe as they can contract waterborne diseases any time.

A few hours after the incident, workers from Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company went on the scene and applied lime on the sewer to neutralize it.

"Our officers applied lime on the sewer to neutralise it. We will continue to monitor the situation for any eventualities," said Fales Mwanza, Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company Public Relations Officer.

Those who witnessed the incident were shocked. 

"The sewer which flooded my house was almost knee high. I used a broom to sweep it out of the house and am worried this can bring diseases," said Dickson Kapisha.

Another victim Catherine Chipito had no kind words for the water utility.

"People from Kafubu Water came here and did literally nothing. They only splashed lime outside the house. How about inside? How will we survive with our children? We want them to compensate us," she said.

Government is worried that the dilapidated sewer line which has been serving Mpatamatu area has now started flooding people’s houses.

"We have a very old sewer system in Luanshya. This flooding of houses in Mpatamatu is not the first time. But we are hopeful with the coming of the Danish government funding that the situation will soon improve," said Luanshya District Commissioner Harold Mbaulu.

The houses still have a heavy stench and the occupants can not manage to spend nights inside.

They have removed all their household goods and placed them outside their houses where they are spending their nights.

As the clean up continues, occupants of these houses hope authorities will help disinfect them to ensure their safety.

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