Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Chingola's Mikiloni Compound Legalised, 2,000 Residents To Get Offer Letters

By Paul Shalala in Chingola
Mikiloni residents clearing a bush

They have called this place home for so many years.

But they have spent all their days here living in fear.
This is because Mikiloni Compound in Chingola is just ten meters away from an Open pit mine.
In shot it is an illegal settlement.

Over 2,000 people live in this illegal settlement.

The Chingola Municipal Council had planned to evict all the squatters from the compound and demolish it. 
But that was then........Today things have changed and there is a new development here.

Government has decided to legalise this settlement.
"Government, working with the local authority, has legalised Mikiloni compound. No one will be displaced. This is your land. Build your houses and live peacefully," said Joseph Katema who is area member of parliament as well as Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister when he addressed residents recently.

Mikiloni residents are happy with the development.

"We never had peace. We always thought we would never see this day. Thank God i will now have a title deed," shouted Jane Mwelwa who has lived in Mikiloni for 10 years. 

The local authority  in Chingola is a step ahead in legalizing the settlement. 
"Starting this month, all Mikiloni residents will start getting offer letters. Let them come to my office and we will facilitate everything," said Chingola Town Clerk George Mulenga.

Land in this area was given indiscriminately.

Some residents build on areas reserved for roads while others built on sewer lines.

The area councillor has issued a warning to those who disregarded the warning when building.

With the legalization of Mikiloni compound the delivery of social development will be enhanced in the area to improve people’s lives. 

Already new roads from Mikiloni to Maiteneke are being done.

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