Sunday, 4 October 2015

Zambian Pastors Pray For Country's Currency To Regain Value

The Zambian Kwacha
By Paul Shalala

The Pastors Fellowship in the mining town of Kitwe on Wednesday held an inter-denominational prayer session to pray for the Zambia kwacha to regain its strength against manager convertible currencies

In the past 10 days, the value of the kwacha has been fluctuating and it was trading in the range of K11 and K13 to the US dollar.

This has raised concern as traders and businessmen have increased prices for several products and services.

Over 50 Pastors, who converged at Oasis of Love Ministries International in Nkana East, prayed that the kwacha should regain value and bring back normality to the national economy and inspire confidence in Zambians.

In his prayer, Pastor Kautemba Phiri called on Zambians to stop speculating about the currency as it has the potential to reduce its value.

Pastor Phiri, who is Senior Pastor at Oasis of Love Ministries International, said as men of God, Pastors will be in the forefront to build confidence for the kwacha.

"We prophecy that the kwacha will regain its strength. We prophecy that the economy of Zambia will soon be back to its glory days. We pray that this nation will continue to prosper," prayed Pastor Phiri.

The Pastors later broke into individual prayers where the building was engulfed in noise as the men of God prayed in tongues.

And Pastor Charles Muzala, has urged government to come in and help the church rid itself of false prophets and pastors.

Pastor Muzala said some unscrupulous men of God are turning the image of the church by performing fake miracles.

"We are tired of these fake Pastors. We are tired of the church being called names. We ask the government to partner with us to get rid of these who are denting the image of God's church," he said.

 He also pledged on behalf of the Kitwe Pastor's Fellowship to spearhead the National Day of Prayer and Fasting on 18 October in Kitwe as declared by President Edgar Lungu.

The day will be marked by prayers and fasting across the country to ask God to intervene in the current economic crisis the southern African country is going through.
Pastor Muzala also announced that the Pastors Fellowship was in the process of erecting huge crosses at the entrance to Kitwe on the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway and along the Kitwe-Chingola road.
Chanda Kabwe

Earlier, Kitwe District Chanda Kabwe called on the church to guide the nation in the governance of the nation.

Mr Kabwe said the church should also help in praying for the nation over various challenges it is going through.

"Why should we have fake prophets and suspicious miracles? Why should we have fake Pastors in the church of the Lord? This should come to an end," said Mr Kabwe.

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