Saturday, 11 July 2015

Thousands See Off Jerabo Leader Youngson In His Golden Coffin

By Paul Shalala
The late Youngson Kalobo (Middle)

Youngson Kalobo, the leader of the small scale miners commonly known as Jerabos, has been put to rest in an extravagant funeral characterised by a procession of expensive vehicles and a golden coffin.

Youngson, who was commonly referred to as Commander by his followers, died a few days ago and was today put to rest at Nkana East Cemetery in Kitwe.

Dozens of Jerabos clad in black suits led a procession of over 50 Hummers, convertable BMWs and 4x4 vehicles in a kilometer long procession that went through Kitwe town.

The procession also went round Wusakile area where the Copper slug dump commonly known as famous Black Mountain is located.

Youngson viciously fought for the slug dump to be given to youths so that they can extract mineral residues and earn a living.

The motorcade later stopped at Nkana Stadium, the home of 12 time league champions Nkana F.C. where a church service was held.
Part of the motorcade

It was during this service that details of Youngson's association to several religious and social organisations was unveiled.

The 39 year old businessman was an active member of the Zambia Scouts Association where he was elected as the organisation's Chairman in Kitwe District last year.

It was also learnt that Youngson, due to his generosity to the United Church of Zambia (UCZ), was recently elected Projects Convener for the UCZ Wusakile Church Choir.

This was after he sponsored the production of their latest album and videos.

Thousands of Kitwe residents thronged the stadium as they listened to speeches after speeches.

Body viewing which started around 11:00hrs, took over two hours as thousands of people took turns in viewing the remains of their late friend.

Youngson's golden coffin
The golden casket carrying the remains of the Jerabo leader was later taken to Nkana East Cemetery were he was buried at around 15:30hrs today.

Youngson is survived by a wife and three children.

He was one of the richest youths in Kitwe who owned a fleet of trucks and garages.

He was well known for splashing huge amounts of money to street kids at Chisokone market.

Among prominent people who attended the burial were Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Wusakile MP Richard Musukwa, Copperbelt Deputy Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga and Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe.

Others were Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale, Kitwe-based councillors, businessmen, leaders from the ruling Patriotic Front and marketeers from various markets across Kitwe.

The Zambia Police Service had deployed riot Police in strategic points across the city to quell any violence during the funeral procession.


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