Monday, 29 June 2015

Zambia Suspends Export Of Electricity Amid Local Power Deficit

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By Paul Shalala
Zambia's state power utility firm ZESCO) has suspended the export of electricity to neighboring countries due to the current power deficit the country is facing.
In the past two weeks, the country has experienced unprecedented power outages which has outraged citizens.
In some cases, residential areas have gone from an average of eight hours to one or two days without electricity.
The company has been forced to run adverts in daily newspapers to explain loadshedding schedules for various parts of the country on a daily basis.
According to Zesco's spokesperson Henry Kapata, the current power deficit is as a result of the reduction in the amount of water in reservoirs were the firm gets its hydro power.
Mr Kapata has told Zambia's state news agency ZANIS that the suspension of power exports will only resume when the firm has excess electricity.
"We cannot be irrational as to export power when are rationing electricity supply to the Zambian people because of the serious shortage," said Kapata.
Henry Kapata
And on its official Facebook page, Zesco has claimed that the increased loadshedding exercise is not as a result of exporting power to neighbouring countries.
"Contrary to comments from the general public, it should be made clear that the reason why we are unable to generate enough to meet the fast growing demand, is as a result of low water levels in our reservoirs.
The situation will ONLY improve when water levels rise, that is to say, in the next rainy season. For now, members of the general public are advised to SERIOUSLY conserve power. ZESCO sincerely regrets the inconvenience the current situation may cause," read the statement

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