Saturday, 4 October 2014

Edgar Lungu Outlines His Policy Directions For The Patriotic Front

Edgar Lungu dressing one of the defectors
By Paul Shalala

Newly appointed Patriotic Front Secretary General Edgar Lungu yesterday held his first interactive meeting with party officials where he outlined his policy direction for the ruling party.

Mr Lungu took over from Wynter kabimba who was dismissed as PF secretary General and Justice Minister in August after a long period of factionalism in the ruling party.

Th meeting, which was held at the Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka, was attended by various Lusaka and Copperbelt-based PF structures.

In his wide ranging speech, Mr Lungu called for unity and peace in the ruling party as it seeks to regain power in two years time.

"Lets love one another. Lets end violence. We are all Sata's children. We can only win elections if we work together. I want to work with all of you. I dont have special people i will work with, its all of you i need," said Mr Lungu who also serves as Defence and Justice Minister.

The PF Secretary General also announced that the ruling party will soon embark on a countrywide party mobilisation exercise which will include primary elections.

Mr Lungu said all branch, ward and constituency committees will go through elections to allow party members elect their own leaders in preparation for the 2016 general elections.

"We want you to have leaders you have elected for yourselves. We know that through this democratic exercise, the bad elements in the party will be eliminated and rejected by you people," he added.

Later, Mr Lungu received 10 defecting councillors from the opposition ADD, MMD and UPND who are currently serving in District Councils in North Western and Western Provinces.

The defecting councillors said they had decided to join the ruling party to take development to their wards.

According to electoral regulations, voters in wards where their serving councillors have defected from their parties to another, will have to elect a new councillor within 90 days.

This means there will be local government by-elections in the 10 wards in Mwinilunga and Mongu Districts in the coming months.

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