Friday, 22 August 2014

Zambia Lifts Ban On Safari Hunting But Maintains Ban On Hunting Lions

By Paul Shalala

Zambia has lifted the ban on safari hunting which was imposed almost 2 years ago.

Tourism Minister Jean Kapata told journalists yesterday during a press briefing that the lifting of the ban is aimed at sustaining the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) which she says was surviving on government grants to meet its operational needs.

"During the ban, we lost alot of money in potential revenue and we hope with the lifting of the ban, ZAWA can get back to its feet," said Kapata.

She added that the ban on hunting lions and leopards will remain in force as his ministry is yet to ascertain their numbers.

Ms Kapata also disclosed that she has forwarded names of the ZAWA board to Cabinet which is yet to endorse them.

Her predecessor Sylvia Masebo (above) imposed the ban which was received with mixed feelings by stakeholders.

Ms Masebo also dissolved the ZAWA board and appointed a new one which Ms Kapata dissolved upon being appointed Tourism Minister earlier this year.

Meanwhile, a safari hunter has welcomed the lifting of the ban, describing it as fantastic news.

"This is fantastic news. As safari hunters, we are now waiting to see how the ministry and ZAWA will allocate hunting areas," said Rowland Norton in a telephone interview.

Mr Norton appealed to government to quickly allocate the hunting areas to curb poaching which he says is increasing by the day.

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