Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Brave Luano Woman Fights And Defeats Crocodile Underwater, Saves Daughter

The ZAF helicopter which was used in the evacuation
By Paul Shalala

A woman of Luano Valley in Central Province has shocked neighbouring villagers after she single handedly fought a huge crocodile under water and retrieved her five year daughter away from the beast's jaws.

Mwamba Ndelenga, who was standing by the shores of a stream on Sunday 16 February, 2014, watched helplessly as the crocodile snatched her first born daughter and made its way to the stream.

In an interview, Mrs Ndelenga told me that she did not fear the crocodile and immediately secured her last born away from the stream and dived straight into the deep waters were her daughter Rebecca Mwanza was about to be eaten by the beast.

Ms Ndelenga says she found the crocodile in the water at knee level and held the legs of her daughter.

They fought in control of the girl as they dragged each other deep into the water.

Mrs Ndelenga says the fight took them to the deepest part of the stream were water reached her nose.

Just when Mrs Ndelenga was about to lose hope, the crocodile gave up the fight and swam away.

"Just after realising that the crocodile had given up, i lifted my daughter and put her on my back. I swam back to the shore and realised she was still alive. I even smiled because her survival was a miracle," she told me.

On Thursday, 20 February, 2014, Mrs Ndelenga and her daughter were safely evacuated to Lusaka for medical attention by a Zambia Air Force helicopter.

The girl is currently admitted at the University Teaching Hospital were she is receiving treatment.

Rebecca suffered injuries on her right leg from the crocodile bites.

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