Monday, 5 August 2013

Works On Stadia In Kafue Progressing

By Paul Shalala

The rehabilitation and construction of two stadia in Kafue District is progressing well.

The Kafue District Council has been spending its own money to rehabilitate the heavily dilapidated Khosa Stadium and construct the new Matanda stadium.

So far, over K300, 000 has been spent on rehabilitating Khosa stadium, which is was heavily vandalised by the residents.

So far, the stadium has been fenced, a new roof to the Grand stand has been erected and some works have been done on the changing rooms.

A borehole has been sunk within the stadium grounds to supply water to the changing rooms.

Only a few works like the sewer system are remaining to be completed.

Kafue District Council Director of Works Stanely Chanda says works at Khosa stadium have now reached 70%.

Meanwhile, works on the new Matanda stadium have started.

So far, a wall fence has been constructed around the site and a razor wire has also been put on top of the wall fence to protect the structure from vandals.

Meanwhile, the Council has also embarked on a street light project to light up the town.

So far, street lights have been erected on the main road in Kafue Estates area and along the Lusaka - Mazabuka road in town.

The Kafue District Council has so far spent K120, 000 on the street lights.

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