Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Zambian Minister Fired Over Leaked Nude Videos

David Mabumba - Picture courtesy of Kalemba
By Paul Shalala

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has fired his Minister of General Education David Mabumba a few hours after nude videos of the politician went viral on social media.

Mr Mabumba was captured in three videos, fondling his genitals while looking straight into the camera.

In the leaked videos which looked like recorded WhatsApp calls, the Minister’s face can be seen clearly as he touched himself without uttering a single word.

However, the image of the person on the other side of the video call was deliberately blurred and it is not known who that person is.

The Minister, who is a career teacher, is serving his second five year term as a Member of Parliament for Mwense, a rural constituency in Luapula Province.

The videos were widely condemned by Zambians who took to social media to call for either his resignation or dismissal.

In a brief statement issued by the State House Press Office, President Lungu did not state the reason for Mr Mabumba’s dismissal.

But before the dismissal, Zambians from all walks of life weighed in on the scandal.

Former State House Spokesperson during the Rupiah Banda presidency Dickson Jere was one of the first prominent people to comment on the matter.

“In my country, it appears, only sex scandals unite the people across political divide. Bring Bill 10, corruption, rule of law or political violence, we are split! Come sexual scandal, we all united and want the minister fired! We are certainly a special breed,” wrote Jere on his Facebook page.

Another commentator Andrew Sakala, who is the President of the Press Association of Zambia, wrote: “Human interest stories especially sleazy ones involving people in high places attract massive attention anywhere in the world.”

But Tech Journalist Brenda Zulu brought  more interesting discussion on the matter.

Writing on her Facebook page, Brenda described Mr Mabumba’s videos as revenge pornography.

“He is the latest victim of revenge pornography. Many victims have been women but in this case we have a known personality and leader. 1. So first of all, a live webcam and video recording button are activated using a laptop during the sexual act. 2. The sexual act is recorded and stored on the laptop. 3. The sexual act is shared to a trusted partner or social media and BOOM there is a viral video.”

And then she added this: “Usually the sharing of such a video with sexually explicit images of individuals to social media and online spaces is without the permission of the actors. The sexually explicit videos are usually selfies or made by a partner of an intimate or non-intimate relationship with or without their knowledge. Revenge Pornography has injured many people and is a common cybercrime in Zambia. So why has this video leaked to social media?” she asked.

Politicians, mostly from the opposition, were some of the first people to comment on the matter.

They unanimously called for Mr Mabumba’s dismissal.

Mr Mabumba has not issued any statement or appeared in public since his nude images went viral.

Producing or circulating pornographic materials is a criminal offense in Zambia.

The Zambia Police Service has not yet commented or made a move over the matter.

Just yesterday, Mr Mabumba was on state television, talking about the impact of the Corona Virus on the education system and what measures his Ministry had put in place to help pupils in examination classes continue learning.

Over the past month, dozens of pornographic videos have been leaked in Zambia, exposing several young ladies who are said to have been sending them to their loved ones.

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