Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mr Police IG #PromoteTheWomanConstable Marjory Moyo

By Paul Shalala
Constable Marjory Moyo

The country was on Saturday in shock when social media was inundated with videos and pictures of a  female Police officer who was ran over by a minibus at Mashlands area in Lusaka along the Great East Road.

Pictures and videos of the injured officer went viral, as Zambians either blamed the Police for their numerous road blocks or blamed the unlicenced minibus driver for hitting the officer.

Some bloggers complained and said unpalatables to a 'good samaritan' who offered his canter to transport the injured Police officer in the vehicle's trailer to the hospital while others lashed out at those who took the images.

The young lady, Constable Marjory Moyo, was part of a group of traffic officers who regularly mount a checkpoint at Marshlands but on the fateful day, luck was not on her side.

"The minibus driver identified as Steven Phiri was stopped and found wanting, he had no licence and no road tax. He was asked to park but he decided to drive on. He hit our officer and ran over her. He sped off but other motorists blocked him and we arrested him," said Zambia Police Acting Spokesperson Esther Katongo.

At first, the injured officer was taken to the Intensive Care Unit due to her condition but a day later she was taken to an ordinary ward at the Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital.

She underwent surgery and is currently in a stable condition but still under the watchful eye of doctors at the Chainama-based health institution.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja, who visited the officer on Sunday, disclosed that the suspect had been charged with attempted murder.

Constable Moyo's case has raised alot of questions about Police checkpoints and why they are mounted indiscriminately.

However, several high profile people have visited her but the media has been kept abay.

This author has taken the initiative to launch the #PromoteTheWomanConstable social media campaign to attract the attention of the Police High Command in order for Constable Moyo to be promoted for her dedication to service.

This hashtag campaign is running on Facebook and Twitter and so far it has raised alot of interest from people online.

In other countries, Police officers or soldiers who are either kidnapped or injured while on national duty are considered heroes and honored, but why not in our country?

Constable Moyo deserves to be honored because she was trying to clean the roads of unlicenced drivers and unfit vehicles which are both a danger to the public.

These excited drivers cause dozens of accidents in the country which claim lives and leave people injured.

It is officers like Constable Moyo who are in the forefront fighting to save our lives and spare us from the road carnage caused by these untrained drivers.

Therefore, The Inspector General of Police must #PromoteTheWomanConstable.

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