Thursday, 16 July 2015

Construction of Govt Houses In Lunga Employs Over 400 Women

By Paul Shalala in Lunga
Women carrying sand

The construction of 20 medium cost houses for the local authority in Lunga District of Luapula Province has created over 400 jobs for women in the area.
With no roads or vehicles to help BGC Construction Company on Kasoma Lunga Island, the company has employed four hundred and nineteen women to transport sand and other building materials.  

This is probably the first time so many of them are being employed on such a large scale.

Emmerine Kabanshi is the area Member of Parliament, she is happy that her female electorates are  now being employed.

Emmerine Kabanshi
"The women of Lunga were the most abused. The women of Lunga were the most poor. Now they are able to earn a living and buy food and soap. This is good for them," said Ms Kabanshi who is also Community Development Minister.

The project, which is being done at the cost of K9.6 million, is part of a wider government effort to construct a Post Office, District Administration and a Civic Center.

New Mainland Corporation has also been constructed to build the first ever Police Station and several Police houses at the cost of K20 million.

Swenga Limited has also been contracted to construct a 20 high cost and 10 medium cost houses.
Other works being done, include the construction of a civic Center by Crestmark Investments and a Post Office by Fresino Enterprices.
All these projects have a time frame in which to be completed because Lunga must have a fully fledged Administrative Office by December.

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